Kriedo manages LLR (Licence Liability Report) optimization for our clients and we have delivered millions of dollars in savings. We help with forecasting for corporate planning purposes but we focus on identifying opportunities for our clients to reduce their deemed liability or improve their asset rating. We perform all services ourselves, including reporting, consultations with AER, and field execution.

Kriedo has successfully negotiated concessions with the AER to induce LLR improvements that no other company has accomplished.


Kriedo also helps purchasing companies identify arbitrage opportunities to discount transaction prices and redeem deposits with the AER for increased cash flow.


On the flip side, Kriedo assists divesting parties to identify these opportunities and avoid taking a discount on them. Our Services Include:

  • Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

    Kriedo provides a unique liability review methodology that encompasses financial modeling and life-cycle decommissioning services to calculate the liabilities associated with assets and when these liabilities will be realized as expenses...

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  • Regulatory Planning & Compliance

    Kriedo has the expertise and in-depth understanding of multiple industry regulatory requirements. Kriedo guarantees that every project will comply or surpass all current regulatory directives, policies and regulations, through the life-cycle of a project...

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  • Consultations & Stakeholders Relations

    Kriedo recognizes that consultation and stakeholder relations are key pieces to a project’s success. Through engagement with rural landowners, First Nations, Oil & Gas producers, the general public, industry representatives, the Regulator and municipal governances...

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  • Surface Land Acquisitions

    Kriedo is aware that every client’s project is unique; in order to reflect this, our consultation strategies are developed with the client and tailored to each specific situation. We also focus on creating lasting relationships that encourage long-term development in a region...

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  • Construction Management

    Kriedo focuses upon on-time project completion with exceptional construction management. Kriedo carefully selects members of the construction management team according to the project scope...

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  • Drilling & Engineering Management

    Kriedo possesses a full suite of drilling a completions engineers. Our team of highly skilled professionals will assist with any aspect of your drilling project including construction, drilling, completions, abandonments and workovers...

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  • Asset Management

    Kriedo incorporates our life-cycle services to provide asset management to companies seeking nimble and cost effective management. Kriedo engages during the acquisition process to provide due diligence and accurately valuate the purchase price of the opportunity and moves through into operations and liability management...

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  • Liability Optimization & Tiering

    Kriedo has developed a unique methodology that combined financial modelling and life-cycle decommissioning to optimize liability management...

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  • Liability Management

    Kriedo provides a unique asset and liability management approach that encompasses financial modeling and our life-cycle decommissioning services. Our Liability Optimization Work Plan streamlines liability retirement and maximizes net present values by calculating yearly capital expenses versus cost to closure over the closure period...

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