Kriedo is a "balanced approach"  life-cycle project management company that acts as an Owner’s Representative and provides peace of mind and completeness to the companies we partner with. We deliver comprehensive project services, from evaluation and planning through to field execution and closure. Our senior team has provided services to the Oil and Gas industry across Canada and around the world since 1990. Kriedo helps companies to grow by building symbiotic working relationships that extend over several projects.  We focus on solution creation and pride ourselves in pro-actively managing problems for our clients before they become problems.

Our Philosophy

Our highest priority is to get to know our clients and their goals, then facilitate their growth and success.

Our Services

Kriedo project management team understands the discipline of planning, organization, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.

"Our mission is to redefine the current boundaries of multiple Industries by bringing progressive methods of problem solving and solutions that will move the industry from tolerating results to achieving previously unconceptualized performance."

Contact Us

We listen to our clients and we provide technical and operational expertise and solutions designed specifically for each project. We welcome you to contact us and help us serve you better.

When companies choose Kriedo, they will receive technical services and the expertise from our professional team, which allows Kriedo to ensure that projects will be on time and on budget. As well, each client is assigned a dedicated Kriedo Project Manager. The Project Manager’s role is to build a strong working relationship with the client and act as a resource for the client during the project. Your Project Manager will consult with you, keep you informed, and welcome any inquiries you may have. At Kriedo we value our clients and formulate a relationship founded on accountability, from both ourselves and our clients to meet the deliverables necessary to foster successful projects.


As a life-cycle company, Kriedo is able to supplement our construction and project management methodology with a life-cycle of complementary skills. We are able to take our knowledge in construction and project management and supplement it with our environmental and reclamation services, as well as our unique financial modeling and due-diligence optimization. Kriedo has found exemplary success in having all of the moving pieces of a project under one roof. As well through incorporating our financial modeling and due-diligence, we have created a niche market for ourselves in which we are able to optimize a company’s situation, whether that be through optimizing a company’s LLR or creating arbitrage situations through purchasing or divesting assets.








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